Inactivity is the result of being extremely busy or extremely lazy..

It’s been a while. (echoes)

As I have been involved and committed to several extra-curricular and events at school, this site hasn’t been updated too frequently. 

As we approach the final steps of this project, I have acquired several “neat” tools and gizmos to make the Internet develop into something more than just an entertainment provider. I have taken advantage of the Web 2.0 tools and transformed them into implements for researching basketball and organize education in school. It’s been a lot of fun.

In terms of the GREATLY SIGNIFICANT EVENTS of the NBA while I have been away:

1) The Heat won 27 games in a row only to lose to the Chicago Bulls (who didn’t even have their best player), this is a clear sign of who the championship winner will be again this year.

2) The Lakers have dropped to the 8th seed in the Western Conference and have minimal chance of making this year’s playoffs. While transferring flights this summer, at the Los Angeles airport, the man loading my luggage saw my Heat shirt and told me that the Lakers were going to win. Look where that amazing team of theirs got them.

3) Recently, the New York Knicks held off the Oklahoma City Thunder, who were last year’s competitors in the finals. They seem to have finally developed offensively and look like a fierce title contender in the East. Carmelo Anthony, especially, has been playing impressively as of late, as the leading scorer in the NBA with 28.4 PPG. GO KNICKS!

4) (not really NBA, but NCAA) My favorite college team, the Michigan Wolverines, have made it to this year’s Finals after beating the Syracuse, and have not made it since 1993. Some are beginning to hope that Michigan will win this NCAA tourney. I am one of those misguided and dedicated believers. 


I will continue to keep the readers of this blog notified of whatever progressions in the NBA or this project develop. And hopefully, I post within a week… and not 2 years. Thanks.


Just some of my thoughts..

So, just for kicks, and because I want to blog about something, here are my predictions for the playoffs this year in the NBA.

The Heat will be in the Finals again. My argument to back up this point? They have the best record in the Eastern conference and have continued an 11-game win streak. Lebron James is having one of the best seasons of his young career, averaging 27 PPG, 8.1 RPG, and 7.1 APG, (PPG= points per game, RPG= rebounds per game, APG= assists per game) and Dwyane Wade is getting back to his old self, drawing fouls and still getting the basket. The bench is also providing great support for the Heat, especially the 3PT shooters who are scoring a lot of points to boost their offense. They have a squad with great depth and has the best player in the NBA right now. What could stop them from winning the championship twice?

The Thunder will be in the Conference Finals, at least.

Last year, they raced past the San Antonio Spurs and challenged the Heat, only to lose in the Finals. This year however, they acquired a great shooter in Kevin Martin and their two best players are starting to peak. Kevin Durant is the currently the scoring leader and is eating the defense alive, making shots from anywhere on the court. Russell Westbrook is also doing well, as he had a 23 point game, carrying the Thunder to the victory over the Bulls in their last game. The Thunder will definitely make the playoffs, as to the sweet cup they so desire, they’ll have to go through the well-balanced Spurs and dominating Heat first. 

And, here are other teams who will make some noise in the playoffs: Los Angeles Clippers, San Antonio Spurs, Golden State Warriors, Chicago Bulls, Indiana Pacers, New York Knicks, Memphis Grizzlies, and the Brooklyn Nets. 

Top choice to win the 2013 championship: The Miami Heat

Those are just some of my predictions for the upcoming second half of the season.

Progress thus far.. (PLE PROJECT)

After 2 weeks of grues…fun work so far, here are some observations I’ve made on the progress of this project.

I’ve really begun to enjoy and appreciate the usage of social media to learn and record new info that is useful to learning. For example, using Twitter to branch out into certain subjects that I am interested in. I also am beginning to become fond of blogging. I believe it’s an exciting way to try and connect with the public (even if you don’t have many readers), and learn what you are interested in through various social media sites.

I learned what not to post and what could actually catch the audience’s attention. ( no forced posts that have absolutely no depth whatsoever)

I’m thrilled for what I can intake from this project in the near future, and I will keep posting my development during my journey.



Sites that are worthy of your time. I hope.

As a basketball maniac, I think I’ve found several basketball or “hoop” sites that may be of interest to others like myself. Here are the top 5 sites:


A great, intuitive site, where three authors are up to date on all news on basketball. While incorporating humor, The Basketball Jones has strong, unbiased opinions on all posts.


Run by one person, John Clay informs the world on all NCAA news, his views on certain teams, and what he thinks the results will be. A great place for College Basketball lovers.


This one has a couple of sports generalists who are fans of all sports. They are also Miami Heat Die-Hards (like me) ! This site has a professional layout with many posts with valid and worthy posts about views of NBA news.


With a single author, this site posts daily on predictions of all games that day. I really think this guy is a true basketball lover, and I think we should all check it out.


We can all know that because it is featured on it has to be good. I love the “clutch” factor on the Robert Horry scale. Absolutely brilliant. A great blog that has definitely caught my attention.


Well, those are my top 5 basketball sites. If you don’t read it, fine. But if you wanna catch up on that game you missed last night, or find out more about the teams you love, then I recommend you click on those links right now. What are you doing! The links are up there not down here!




The PLE Project begins!

We’ll be taking a journey through social media and seeing how we can use it for learning.

I’m really passionate about the sciences and basketball. I really want to learn more about these two topics in my blog.
Using various devices of social media, I will be undertaking a project trying to discover if the modern technology of our generation can assist in learning.

Miami Heat Fan.

Twitter: @The_Heat_MVP